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The Upper Eastern Shore, a rural agriculturally oriented area, is uniquely situated within a hour and a half of several metropolitan areas including Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Chestertown, the epicenter of Maryland's Upper Eastern Shore, is situated on the shores of the unspoiled and bountiful Chester River. The area is blessed with miles of water frontage including the Chester River, Sassafras River and the Chesapeake Bay. Vast fields of prime fertile acreage have been touted as some of the most productive farmland on the East Coast.

Rich in history, Chestertown is proud of its many architectural treasures dating back to the colonial era when the town served as a major trade post. Other points of interest include Washington College, the tenth oldest private Liberal Arts College, several state of the art marinas offering access to some of the Chesapeake Bay's finest sailing and fishing waters, and a modern hospital. Before settling on a less desirable area, give us a call and let us show you why we believe Maryland's Upper Eastern Shore is one of the finest places in the world to live.​

Whether purchasing or selling real estate in our market area, our staff is prepared to assist you every step of the way. Whether searching for the perfect architect, surveyor or painters, call us. We are here to provide you with recommendations before, during and most of all after the transaction is completed. We offer several additional in house services including property management, care-taking and lawn maintenance.​

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